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Did you know that Buck Danny graphic novels from Belgium are a series of 51 different albums? More than 20 million copies have been sold so far for more than 60 years in Dutch, German and French.

Founded in 2004, Air Comics started out with the idea of selling Buck Danny translated in English to U.S. servicemen and women.

''Mystery in the Antarctic'' is the first album translated and we hope for more of them soon.

Thank you for your interest in Buck Danny!

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Michael Voz

Buck Danny

Where conflicts slumber, Buck Danny is ready to help out. He intervened in the war in the Pacific but was also deployed for delicate top-secret operations in former Yugoslavia. He has come across all kinds of enemies in his long career, from ruthless drug dealers to vicious dictators.

Buck Danny represents the typical US Navy pilot and by reading the stories, the readers can retrace the history of what many U.S. pilots and soldiers went through during the past 60 years.


Unknown jet fighters have been spotted over Antarctica. It's strange because this international area was declared a demilitarized zone several years ago. Aircraft carriers never anchor there.

Buck Danny and Sonny Tuckson are sent on a reconnaissance mission. They discover a dead body on the ice in a penguin colony. The diary they find on the body contains interesting information. The man was with a group of natural scientists, but their ship and helicopter were destroyed by the crew of a freighter.

Who owned that ship which didn't carry a flag? What secret expedition chose Antarctica for its operating base? Why is every ship that left the peninsula blown up? That's what Buck Danny has to find out at great danger.

The story is highly recommended for readers whose idea of an exciting adventure starts at 10,000 feet!


Soft cover

56 pages

29.5 x 21.5 cm (11.6 x 8.5”)

231 gr (8.1 oz)

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